Zunyi Xinduhui Sales Office

by Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The overall design thinking of the sales office takes narrative and scene-oriented space as expression forms, turning the overall space into a fantasy adventure of nature. The reception front hall announces the beginning of an adventure with a guided interior architectural space. The sight follows the metal spray streamers rising from the ground, from the gaps of the interior buildings to the starry sky lights on the top, and thoughts rush to the endless vastness with the waves. Stars. The cinema hall is interspersed with dynamic linear lights, substituting emotions into the baptism of welcoming the waves and nature. In the sand table hall, when all the emotions are saturated, the facades processed by the internal architectural design methods are like giant waves, which vividly interpret the spatial form. At the end of the waves, a giant whale leapt out and flew towards the sea of stars. The designer also has careful thinking on the occlusal relationship of the spatial structure. Connecting the facades of different spaces in series to achieve a multi-dimensional unified expression is a design technique to solve the integration of space. Through a series of thoughts after reorganization, a dynamic aesthetic scene space is presented.

Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.