Helensburgh Jiuyue Lanwan

by Shanghai Feishi Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Nanzhuang is the first town in China to build ceramics and the country's first town-level Sino-French ecological demonstration city. It is also a famous town in Guangdong. It is located in the hinterland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and is an important part of the downtown area of ​​Foshan. Look for the fusion of ancient times and modern culture and art, and use modern oriental freehand techniques to shape the charm of space. Poems and books are rising, the sky and clouds are in the mirror. The contemporary poetry is doing quiet things in the noisy era. . Lingnan, the precipitation of time, black and white, succinct, simple, and transparent, the elegant oriental charm is on the southern land, perhaps only Lingnan architecture can fully interpret it. The lobby of the reception area contains the unique temperament of Lingnan architecture-bright and cheerful. The symmetrical exhibition area along the central axis presents a strong oriental flavor with the unique artistic conception of the Lingnan School of Painting. From the natural scenery of the hometown of pottery to the development of an international metropolis in the Pearl River Delta, it is the evolution of the times and the change of time. In the process of urbanization, the concept of reflection between man and nature, humanity, diversity, and temperature has always been maintained. The future human settlements advocating nature, art, temperature and diversity, integrating the most pleasant living environment, the most suitable lifestyle, and the most humanistic artistic connotation in the course of time, to achieve the ideal goal of future human settlements. The unique styling products are endless, and you can vaguely feel the charm and elegance of the year.

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