Deadline for contest registration: August 31, 2024

Entry Rules

Architects, interior designers, product designers, design agencies, design art schools, real estate companies, project developers, project owners, etc.

a. The original image of the design (the minimum edge length of the image is not less than 1000 pixels, and the image accuracy is not less than 300dpi)
b. Entry forms of English and Chinese (including project name, project description, main designer’s name, the profile of him/her, name of the design agency, design agency profile);
c. Personal photo or agency logo (all entries need to submit the digital photo of the designer or logo of the company, all of which need to support written printing vector files or large files)
【Notes: The naming method of folders and files is ‘IDG AWARD 2022+Name of main designer or name of agency+Project name’】
d. Entries must be original designs of the designer or design agency, and all legal matters involving portrait rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and others shall be borne by participants;
e. From the date of submission, it is deemed that the participants have authorized the copyright of the entries and award-winning projects to the official website of the IDG Award events and China International Interior Design Network. Events include exhibitions, printed albums, films, commercial publicity, and other publicity materials, etc., without additional payment, without geographical restrictions;
f. If it is found that the participants and the participating works are untrue or do not meet the conditions for participating in the competition, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their qualifications at any stage of the competition, or withdraw their awards;
g. Participants who submit the entry form are deemed to have fully understood and fully accepted the terms and conditions of the competition.
h. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to explain and modify the rules.

Online submission: submit entries to the official website of IDG AWARD 2022 (, download entry forms and upload all the materials as required. After the submission, entrants will wait for confirmation, then the organizing committee will inform entrants to the next process.
Email submission: submit entries to the e-mail of IDG AWARD 2022, please contact the organizing committee members for entry forms, fill out the forms, and submit all the materials as required. After the submission, entrants will wait for confirmation, then the organizing committee will inform entrants to the next process.

Charging standards

Deadline for registration: August 31, 2024.

The registration fee and other fees payable are detailed in the official documents. The members of the China-Europe International Design Association are exempt from the registration fee. All members of China Europe International Design Association can enjoy the membership price. If there is no award, the fees can be refundable.

1. Media alliance promotion services:,,, and other mainstream media networks.
2. Promotion on the official website and Weibo of the IDG Award and other competitions.
3. Promotion on the official accounts of Weibo and WeChat of the CIID88 (Weibo and WeChat is the largest social media networks in China);
4. Promotion on the official channels of Weibo and WeChat of the CIID88;
5. Winning entries will be published in our magazine ‘Design Converge’, also promotions on its WeChat official account;
6. 2022 IDG Award Collection of winning entries: platinum awards, golden awards, and silver awards of professional award (2P), TOP10 designers and TOP10 design agencies (2P), display of professional awards, TOP10 designers and design agencies (agency logo).

The platinum, gold, and silver award-winning works of the Professional Award can be selected for 2022 “China International Interior Design Yearbook” 6P. In addition, the 2022 “China International Interior Design Yearbook” will be selected as a certificate, and 5 hardcover books will be presented after the yearbook is published.

*Note: The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to the competition organizing committee.

Application Form

Each award has a unique application form. Please reach out to our team to request it.

Application Form
Designers and design agencies that apply for registration download the registration form and fill it out as required, and send it to the designated mailbox of the organizing committee together with the declared design work, and pay the registration fee.
Application Fee
Design enterprises and designers that have signed up for the evaluation will submit a shortlisted work after the initial evaluation by the jury, and the organizing committee will issue a shortlist notice, and pay the balance within 3 days after receiving the notice.
If the work is not shortlisted, the organizing committee will refund the full registration fee. If you receive the shortlist notice but give up participating in the final evaluation, the paid registration fee will not be refundable.
The purpose of this move is to commend designers and design enterprise representatives who have contributed to the promotion of the development of design culture in China and Japan.
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