Category Setting

The award setting of IDG Award is divided into the following sections:
Professional Award
Character Award
Institutional Award

Professional Award

Each category of awards is awarded separately:
1 platinum award
2 Gold Award ,
5 Silver Award ,
10 International Innovation Design Award

* Note:If the work does not meet the standards of professional awards:gold and silver awards, the gold and silver awards may be vacant.

Category of Professional Award

Hotel Space
Club Space
dining Space
Commercial Display
Cultural Office
Leisure and entertainment
Real Estate Sale
Model Room Space
Villa Luxury House
Home Space
Homestay Space
Decoration Display
Architectural Design
Landscape Design

Character Award

2021 TOP10 International Influential Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Senior Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Famous Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Design Award
2021 TOP10 Outstanding Female Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Elite Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Emerging Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Outstanding Designer Award
2021 TOP10 Innovative Designer Award

*Personal awards for various awards: 10 award-winning designers

Institutional Awards

2021 TOP10 Most Valuable Brand Design Agency Award
2021 TOP10 most well-known design agency award
2021 TOP10 Most Influential Design Agency Award

* Institutional awards for various awards were selected: 10 award-winning design agencies