Shandong Dezhou Chunjiang Mingyue sales center

by Tina Wong

Projet Description

Seeing the mountains and rivers in your eyes, you have Zen in your heart. We look for self-confidence in the return of culture, starting with the aesthetics of life, trapping in the humanities of the East, and loyal to innovative design. In the process of this project, Shandong Dezhou Chunjiang Mingyue Sales Center, we hope to use a space with warmth and connotation. The design expresses the perception of life, brings fun with multiple life scenes, and completes the balance of nature, humanity and design in the practice of a beautiful lifestyle in the whole scene. Create a full-scene aesthetic space with oriental temperament and western modern design. The overall color adopts soft blue-green which represents vitality, and starts with a calm and neutral sense of nature. The design abandons complex formalism and returns to the essence of residence, with simple color matching, high-end furniture materials, and ingenious spatial sequence planning. , To build a transparent and pure open layout, a modern design space that also retains the timeless and elegant Chinese meaning.

Tina Wong