by Wang Shenglei

Projet Description

The dynamic vision of natural light collides with space fusion through the refraction of glass, pursuing the ultimate calm and eternal elegance. Feel the splendid and elegant space temperament, and only the simple and yet textured space design will bring people a quiet and noble visual experience. With the high rationality of modernism, the elements of simple and elegant furnishings, and the temperament of colors, the beauty of freehand brushwork is revealed in modern minimalism. Touching the space, the experience is separated but not separated, and the boundary is not bounded. The highly continuous spatial presentation is based on the real image and through the experience of integration. With the change of natural light and ambient light, all the wind and shadows reflected in it will change accordingly. "Illusion and nothingness" is a way of telling natural space that cannot be grasped. This is also a deeper description of space. The simple space system resembles the transformation of virtual and physical, making people's emotions resonate.

Wang Shenglei