JIETONGDA Service Center

by c-x design

Projet Description

If every city is a book, Then the car is the cursor, Click it to go to the next page.
Since the post modernist era, the car has long been not a simple means of transportation, but a kind of culture and style, highlighting the owner's personal pursuit and true demeanor. So, how to choose a car that fits your soul? The test drive is not the only way, but to approach it, enter it, watch it, listen to it, and experience it immersively. Combine the indistinct perceptual needs with the dull specifications and data at a glance, and convert them into engines that balance fantasy and reality.
I think you will agree with this view, Come on, then, and walk into the [Jietongda User Service Center].
In the last "season", he built a [BMW CLUB] with great trust. It has won several awards at home and abroad, and has been recognized and echoed by many leaders in the automotive industry. So, in the new "season", it was recommended to a new position. After only one round of exchange and quotation and no news waiting, a busy afternoon as usual, the phone on the desk said, "Let's sign the contract! The starting gun rings without warning. Let's hurry up [Chen Xie Studio]!
Whether buying a car or going to the next mountain and water, they are all for life, happiness and beauty. So, what is happiness, beauty and life? The concept of [C-X DESIGN] is a kind of peace and sincerity, which coincides with the original intention of Party A to care for customers. We are convinced that this tacit understanding is beautiful, and the dramatic reversal is even more beautiful! Party A is a little more satisfied than satisfied, so the plan originally made for an international brand experience center under their group was directly cut off by the big boss and put into use. Therefore, [Jietongda User Service Center] came into being! Adhering to the core concept mentioned above and targeting customers, we adopt the earth color system as the main theme, integrate new Chinese classicism into the modern hall, and try to create a unique user service center that is different from the traditional 4S store model and integrates experience, leisure, entertainment, communication and catering.
In front of the door, the glass curtain wall above the black stone base not only has a clear logo and name engraved on it, but also naturally reminds the entrants of the screen wall of the porch where the old noble families lived. The green welcome pine is just like a humble butler standing up and inviting you to have a chat. A story from a tree The most conspicuous is the "tree" surrounded by a circular soft couch. Wooden ribs are clustered on the column, and like branches, they separate from the column and grow up to the ceiling, forming a white crown. At the same time, the profound and vast oriental culture also secretly planted auspicious wishes. Please release your thoughts. From another perspective, it is actually a bulging purse to attract wealth and treasure. All hardworking people deserve to enjoy this wonderful geomantic omen. If you stand further away, you will find that it echoes with the curve and circle of another area, making a natural transition. Then, a long bar subtly divides the space. Let's follow the guidance of "branches of trees" and wind to the empty "valley". High mountain area and children's activity area of the conference Gaudi said that "the curve belongs to God", so let me give the curve to the innocence and childlike innocence. No, that's not enough. More light and transparent light are needed. Driven by such feelings, we applied to Party A for more sunrise space, and set curved glass so that all light can run in unimpeded, like freedom, which should not be constrained; Like thinking, we must break through barriers. As I told you, you have walked to this core [alpine conference area], and the white benches with no boundary are floating like clouds, so it's time to let your good ideas come out of your head, sit down to see the new car launch conference, or participate in other beneficial activities.
Welcome to become a resident of the [Jietongda] Valley!
The [Children's Activity Area] on the other side is like a miniature playground, with slides, bubble pools and block castles! The colors are rich and gentle, and the happiness is not only for children.
Reading area
Or you prefer to be alone and read a good book, which is your favorite rest. Then there is no lack of ethereal bookish atmosphere here. In the [Reading Area], the wooden background decoration and the fully illuminated ceiling emphasize functionality without losing the sense of beauty, which is simple. The crimson chairs around the long table echo with the orderly green plants in the bookshelf, giving the quiet and elegant atmosphere a little liveliness without any trace. In addition, no more makeup is needed.
Central dining area
Now let's go back to the starting point. In the hazy reflection of the bar, the tree is pointing the way again. Let's go to the side of more people The sky is round and the place" may be the first word that pops into your mind. But it's easy to move around. When you stand in front of you, look again. Is the round warm white main lamp, the cloud like pendant lamp, the graceful tree in the center, and the four dining areas surrounded by four arched gable walls a little like a quiet little valley? [Chen Xie's Design] It is intended to express the harmony between individuals and the surroundings when they are in it. The service center is open and frank, while the customers are leisurely appreciating and choosing.
Dining area
Of course, in order to meet the various dining needs of different customers. We have also set up a modern business and leisure style dining area that does not lose the layout of popular online restaurants in the city. The square table, card seat and soft decorative partition all remind me of a restaurant near Central that I haven't visited for a long time.
Private room area
Following the trend, you will see a freehand ink style landscape painting porch. A stone statue floats in front of a full moon like wall lamp, as if it wants to climb the moonlight to a more poetic place. Why don't we go and see for it? It turns out that the inner room is a Chinese private room that can be compared to a private boutique restaurant. Under the leaky window of the Soviet style garden, a table of good dishes will be presented soon. How about drinking a cup of green tea in the nearby grand master's chair for a moment. There is another story in the western food compartment next door. If you have a good appetite, you might as well read another one. Toilet and toilet It's very important, but I don't need to say too much. After all, they are similar to the toilets you have used in star hotels. They are low-key, luxurious, clean and convenient. I believe this is enough.
On the way, always young. Therefore, we need a good car to take you out. And [C-X DESIGN] is willing to work with you all the way.

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