Huzhou agrees to Haiyue 8# model room

by Sun Qi

Projet Description

The simple Hong Kong style is famous for its cool colors, simple lines, open space and full of transparency. The space graphic design strives to get rid of the restriction of the load-bearing wall in order to achieve the infinite pursuit of freedom. The indoor walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, lamps and other items are all simple in shape and pure in texture, and are achieved through fine craftsmanship. We dilute the dependence on form and pursue functionality, avoiding complicated decorations as much as possible, thinking that more complex designs will create more worthless burdens. The selection of furniture, lamps and accessories mostly adopts simple and smooth styles with rich colors. The main color of this case is turquoise green, which will become a popular color in 2020, and beige, etc., and the quality of the material is indispensable. For less marble, glass and metal are often used, and tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials. This material can give people a sense of fashion and freedom.

Sun Qi