Zhongjian longyuetai project marketing center

by Shanghai Aodan Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

We look up to the starry sky and hope that one day we can land on other planets, and landing on the moon is the first step for mankind to travel through the stars. "A small step for me, a big step for mankind"-Armstrong When Armstrong set foot on the moon, a famous saying spoke out the spirit of mankind's courage to explore. In the long history, the future is more worth looking forward to because of the continuous exploration of mankind. I believe that the near future will leave our footprints on other planets. Out of gravity, the moon is our first stop. The huge moon is embedded in mid-air, just like the gravitational relationship between the earth and the moon, reflecting all areas of the entire space. Space is a container that captures light. The light is tilted down through the glass and swayed in the space. It is set against gentle, comfortable and futuristic furniture, allowing the grand experience of cosmic voyage to return to every small individual.

Shanghai Aodan Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.