Yixing Jiuzhu


Projet Description

The design is inspired by the beautiful vision of the vast stars, absorbing the elements of the starry sky, penetrating the holes of the aluminum plate, echoing the stars. The designer investigated the cultural appeal of the project and the aesthetic acceptance of the client group, based on modernist aesthetics, combined with the design ideas of landscape architecture, and the concept of "bright galaxy" to construct a marketing center with both aesthetics and practicality. The marble and stainless steel with patterns on the whole surface, the sunlight is targeted, and the light and shadow project infinite width in the limited space. Outdoors and indoors, within square inches, you can get a sense of sightseeing. In the sand board area, the designer transforms the vast Milky Way into the space, and the galaxy formed by the arrangement of glass tubes is dancing like a curve. The architect Tadao Ando once said: “Light is always an important element that dramatizes space.” The interaction between light and shadow and space is the focus of the designer's expression of Xinghai. Going deep into the negotiation area, the designer continued the starry sky design, emphasizing the character's specificity and bringing it into the scene. The concept of the ceiling curve uses the technique of visual envelopment, and the light transcends time and space and ripples like water patterns.