Tiecheng Chongqing 800 sales office-Admire the beautiful mountains

by Ruidu Design Consultant Co.,LTD

Projet Description

"The half-round moon hangs high in front of Mount Emei, and the moon shadow is reflected on the clear water of Pingqiang River."
Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, used this sentence to vividly depict the wonderful state of Chongqing's mountain city Chongqing has not only the magnificent mountain scenery and heroic atmosphere, but also the beauty of night scenery, which lies in the beauty of rhythm given by God to the ups and downs of the terrain; it lies in the long river, the same color of water and sky, the quiet and rich hazy beauty. This is because Chongqing is surrounded by mountains and water. It not only has the grandeur of mountains, which can perfectly express the three-dimensional aesthetic value of space, but also has the aura of rivers, which can surround the shape, set off the scenery of mountains, and integrate the landscape.
In the design of the whole space, the designer implanted new, fashionable and artistic elements into the modern and elegant style, and boldly chose the special modern design language and materials to emphasize and highlight its design style.
Enter the space, introduce a large area of modeling surface, and form an integrated design, which endows the space with sequence and disorder.
As the main carrier of excessive space, the art staircase, with metal fusion casting, soft and rich lines, pays attention to pragmatism and stylized simple design, creates the aesthetic rhythm and rhythm of contemporary city. It not only carries the function, but also becomes the space focus of art installation with strong artistic sense and color.
The layout of the negotiation area is in good order. The elegant tone and the soothing and quiet space tone make people relaxed.
Cement brick, art paint The selection of materials is inspired by the natural color, the bright light and shadow rhythm, and the power of imagination can be easily triggered and expanded in a transparent and bright environment.
We hope to put a lot of lovely colors, which represent nature and health, and also let children feel comfortable and quiet, and focus their attention on the place where they need to focus. This space is for children to create freely.

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