Luoyang Zhongzhou mansion Sales Office

by Shanghai Binzhan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Luoyang Lijing Gate is known as "Luoyang Peony is the best in the world, Lijing City is unparalleled in the world", and is a symbol of Luoyang Ancient City. Inspired by the arch elements of the architectural structure of Lijing Gate, "Arches-Vertical Windows-City Walls", between the square and the circle, the square is inclusive, the square is the carrier of the circle, and the circle is the extension of the square. Different from mass planning in the conventional sense, it seeks a new balance of thinking about the stability of the space with the way of thinking of homogeneous space. In the thinking of space planning, it explores the uniqueness of design and building to create a way to carry demand. Rather than a pasted design. Explore a new balance from the instability of space, give the space unlimited possibilities, and deduce the feeling of space emotion. The space composition breaks the original building structure, increases the empty space to enhance the space experience, and combines the function of the staircase to design a half-empty spiral staircase to form a three-dimensional sculpture technique. The collision between different materials activates the entire space. In the space, under the layout of the independent functional space, it is hoped that the arc elements will be used to connect the commonalities between the spaces, so as to conform to the ideology and reveal the unique style and artistic feelings.

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