Yinchuan Jiuyue Sales Office Project

by Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The designer transforms the waveform of a single sound wave in music into an arched architectural posture to form indoor and outdoor spaces. The classic "Ten Books of Architecture" by the ancient Roman architect Vitrulla puts forward three standards for architecture: sturdiness, practicality, and beauty. The design of this case fully reflects this standard. In the triangular building plan, the designer uses three circular shapes to connect the space pattern in series, and integrates modern design techniques into the classical architecture, expressing the space in the way of interior architecture. The architect connects multiple spaces by repeatedly changing the levels of curves on the plane and the elevation, so that the ground plane and the roof landscape are intertwined. The reception hall is composed of eight pillars to form the basic form of the space, forming a semi-enclosed structure, connecting rational reality and divine ideals, and a powerful column supporting an umbrella-shaped dome. The stone parquet on the ground highlights the virtual and real changes between the roof and the ground, echoing the atmosphere of the space, and the flower branches stretch to the depths of the heart. The skylight in the middle awakens the aura of space and eternal divinity, turning time into a glorious moment, revealing the ultimate palace of beauty in the face of deep silence.

Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.