Shrimp Flower Restaurant

by Liu Yazheng

Projet Description

When the design team got this project, they dug into the core of the whole project and abstracted the conceptual basis of "water" and "fire" through the characteristics of crayfish. Heroes Huanhua, are the rivers and lakes far away? Not far away... People are in the arena, how can the rivers and lakes be far away. What is a hero? It is a kind of willingness and freedom, which warms others and burns self. It is also a kind of pride and romance, exploring the deliciousness of all corners of the world, and sharing it with interesting and lovely people. What is Huanhua? Be low-key, and be generous. The beautiful presentation and feeling is the flower. Ordinary and beautiful people, low-key and solid delicacy. It is our setting. The heroes will join you in the rivers and lakes and find your share of the chivalrous tenderness, the rivers and lakes are happy, and the life is beautiful! The designer uses the design to realize a chivalrous world, which not only satisfies the young people's curiosity about the past, but also comforts the nostalgia of the past.

Liu Yazheng