Yihuashan Haijun apartment model house

by Yingxiang Wu

Projet Description

Young people struggling in the prosperous city, In the course of life, apartment house is very suitable for young entrepreneurs, and they also have exquisite life and quality life. Even a small space can give them a complete life home, so the small space must meet all the functions of life. The reasonable use and distribution of color can separate the functions of space, but it can also distinguish the two The rich colors are more suitable for the home of young entrepreneurs, just as life is more colorful.
The essence of life is not how much you have, but a safe territory of your own. Functional zoning is not to make a space and another space very clear, but to make the space function interesting. The living room area and the rest area are divided by stairs and bookcase. There are a lot of interesting and connection between the two functions. Of course, the stairs are also a storage function, and the bed and wardrobe design also make a very detailed storage function, the dressing table And TV cabinet are connected as a whole, open is the dressing table, close and is the desk, including the kitchen area also made refrigerator, oven, microwave oven and other functions to join, more can complete the dream of a weekend gourmet, invite three or two old friends, in the living room balcony to enjoy a cup of red wine, a piece of dessert, talking about the past, talking about the future, talking about the ideal, also OK, this is as a way Young entrepreneurs need magnetic field and space.

Yingxiang Wu