Fuzhou Vanke Festival Walk E1 Unit

Projet Description

The project is located at the intersection of Wulongjiang Avenue and Jianping Road in the section of Shangjie University Town. The north side of the project is Fuzhou University, and the west side is adjacent to the Haixi High-tech Industrial Park. It belongs to the cultural, educational and industrial development area of Fuzhou, occupying an important position in the future urban development area. The surrounding facilities of the project are very rich, close to many subway and bus lines. The superior location makes the surrounding cities of the project rich in supporting facilities.
| Modern Simplicity | Depolarism | Art Trending |
The overall hard decoration is mainly light beige combined with light wood veneer, and the lines are simple and clear. On the basis of this hard decoration, the soft decoration is suitable for creating a modern and simple space effect. In order to meet the needs of the surrounding people, some contemporary design concepts are added to integrate the current The popular elements then show a warm and comfortable living environment full of contemporary art atmosphere.