The ultimate model room of old house renovation in Fengguang street, Dalian City Center, China

by Zhiwei Chen

Projet Description

The initial orientation of design
The original house type is two small houses of 60 square meters, with a total construction area of 119.78 square meters, located in the core business district of the city.
How to effectively maximize the use of space and realize its commercial value is the biggest starting point.
The advantages are obvious: the location is excellent. In the CBD of the city's core business district, the daylighting is super good. The super long daylighting surface of nearly 20 meters in the West and South can see the distant city view, labor park and city Ferris wheel in the south.
Disadvantages: long building age, dilapidated surrounding, narrow bathroom, dark hall, more waste of space, unreasonable moving line, low floor.
Combined with the original building, according to the original structure, we communicated with the owner and decided to transform it into three independent apartments with different sizes
The specific configuration of each room is as follows:
Unit a is a standard one room apartment with a building area of about 25 square meters and a practical area of 21 square meters. A small apartment with a small area and a portrait of a couple or a single woman. The style is gold powder light luxury style, using white lines, rose gold frame, art glass, pink tiles and other elements, equipped with 100 inch projection, natural stone bar, luminous stepping meter, balcony color irregular tile, functional configuration, independent kitchen, embedded washing machine ice box, and large bathroom table, Toto toilet and independent bathtub. A bachelor's apartment full of details.
Unit B is a one room one hall apartment with a building area of 38 square meters and a practical area of 31 square meters. The portrait of the client is a couple or a young family of three. The style is black-and-white strong wind, using white brick wall, black metal frame and black-and-white brick and other elements, using the lack of the original architectural pattern, set up transparent partition, wardrobe and other zoning functions. The bathroom adopts the separation of dry and wet, and a 1300mm small square bathtub is configured according to the style and space. The south balcony is equipped with a metal black bar. Floor painting also played the role of finishing touch. The living room and bedroom adopt the black metal hanging rail sliding door, the living room floor lamp and the sofa bed configuration can meet the dual needs of function and beauty.

Zhiwei Chen