Yangming Fuxue Marketing Center

by Shanghai Benji Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The project is located in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, living in the mountains, rivers and humanities. The desire for freedom is our physical and mental aspiration. We are looking for a dialogue with freedom between the urban working environment and the natural environment, starting with humanities and returning to nature. Create scenery with "intention", learn with Yangming mind, and map space. "There is nothing outside the heart, the mind is reason", "knowledge and action are one", "to conscience". Design is not a simple patchwork of elements, but should study the influence of space scale, proportion, shape, light, texture, material and color of all interior design elements on people's experience and spiritual feeling in the space. The space design where openness and privacy coexist creates a good boundary between public and private activities. Mansi takes the oriental architectural philosophy of “continuously separated” into the interior, creating independence and sense of region in the form of facade blocks, porches, etc., and also allows the flow of air to run through. With smooth lines and simple color matching, it inherits oriental aesthetic feelings in accordance with international aesthetic standards. Inspired by the natural environment of Chuzhou, elements and colors such as mountains, water, rocks, blue sky and white clouds are integrated into the space. Inspired by natural elements such as pine branches, jasper, water droplets, and curved rivers, it is redesigned with modern techniques; the natural beauty is combined with highly textured materials to create a delicate space. Use floral arrangements with oriental beauty to create contrasts in color and texture. Return to the true nature of life, explore the possibility of fusion between the past, the present and the future through light and shadow, materials, and details, and interpret the pursuit of a comfortable and humanistic life.

Shanghai Benji Architectural Design Co., Ltd.