Qingdao Heda Jimo Happy City Sales Office

by C.H.Y Shanghai Zeqin Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

On the shore of Longquan Lake, build a residential community that integrates nature, humanities, and human settlements, a thousand-year-old city, and the style of the new district of the times emerges from this, which is in the same frequency with the future of the city and coexists with beauty. The design of the sales office uses the form of flowing water to build people's yearning for the beautiful scenery of Taoyuan and a happy and beautiful life, creating a rare aesthetic sample of life in the world. The design takes the spatial experience of looking for a peach blossom as the story line of the overall design. From the water rafting in the front hall to the tracing of the brand area, occasionally there are small mouths in the mountains like light, the sand board area is suddenly open to the terraces in the negotiation area, and the children's area is happy. The overall graphic design draws on the shape of water flow, looking for soft and tolerant stability in the irregular architectural form, and trying to find a unique sense of ritual and high-level in the space. The entrance foyer is the first arrival space of the sales office, and the semi-ellipse is used as the enclosure of the space. The two-story high-rise space creates an unparalleled momentum. When you enter the sales office, you will see the main background of cascading luxury stones, as if spreading out your arms to warmly welcome the arrival of everyone in Happy City. The spiral-shaped artistic chandelier of the ceiling, like a drop of flowing water, ripples on the ground. The ship-shaped reception desk carries people's beautiful expectations of Happy City, and opens the journey of exploring the Peach Blossom Spring. Through the brand area, we came to the sand table space with an area of ​​600 square meters, and the sight was suddenly clear from the relatively small space of the brand area.

C.H.Y Shanghai Zeqin Interior Design Co., Ltd.