Xinyou Yuefu sales center

by Shenzhen jianjinxian Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Shangqiu, an ancient cultural city, the birthplace of Chinese civilization. From ancient times to the present, this city has silently witnessed the history of the Chinese nation and contains rich cultural heritage. On this land, the originally cold buildings also exude vitality and ideas. The designer meticulously sculpted the work, half gifted by God, half made by craftsman, presenting a boutique mansion in Shangqiu. The sales office uses a cube shape, which is highlighted by the Chinese architectural style. The restrained tone, distinct lines and corners, solemn and noble. With the drop-shaped ceiling on the pure white sand table, the seemingly irregular space becomes distinct. The architecture between heaven and earth emphasizes the people-oriented design concept everywhere. The golden lines are noble and elegant, just like a gentleman and personable. Go through the arch to the reception hall and enter another cave. Walking into the reception hall is like walking into the inner spiritual world of the building. The concise decoration, exquisite furnishings, artistic potted plants, and the row of Newton pendulums exude a restrained, self-disciplined, elegant and atmospheric atmosphere. If I use one sentence to praise, it must be "poetry and Book Spirit from China".

Shenzhen jianjinxian Architectural Design Co., Ltd.