Xu Bai “Dongyi Design Space”

by Liang Guohui

Projet Description

The entire space takes "white" as its source of inspiration, extends, evolves, and reorganizes its elegance and low-key, combining modern design techniques, intelligent technology and the mellowness of walnut to interpret an art space with both modern art and humanity. Therefore, the design in the space also narrates its rich versatility in various details. The space includes the general design office, team open collaboration area, reception area and leisure area. Through the application of intelligent and other high-tech materials, the entire space is transparent and fluid. At the same time, the architectural design of points, lines and planes emphasizes the spatial structure, thus giving it a more in-depth experience and perception, sorting out the balance between work and life, and regaining the peace and tranquility of people's hearts. That is "white"...

Liang Guohui