Jinhui Chengdu Wenjiang Fengqi Yunjing Demonstration Zone Sales Office

by Shanghai weishi Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The Chengdu Jinhui Fengxi Yunjing project, which was constructed by weishi Design, uses "light" as the core clue to transform the company's brand-new IP "Sunshine Xiorui" image. Aiming at the new start of Jinhui Group's ten-year strategy, it reshapes the corporate brand image, interprets the city light of Wenjiang in Chengdu, shows the natural light of morning and evening, and creates a new direction of comfortable, natural and livable urban life. The project is located in the prosperous area of
Wenjiang Chuangzhi in Chengdu, quiet and far-reaching, not far from the city. The weishi design captures the rich texture of sunlight at different periods of time and integrates the original spirit of Jinhui Group; it derives the friendly and lovely "Sunshine Xiaorui" IP image, which also runs through the entire Fengxi Yunjing project. From welcoming the occupants, it naturally integrates into the core concept of "light and illusion, new life in the sun". The changing image of "Sunshine Xiaorui" leads the people in the space to explore a life art about light and shadow. Incarnate as the messenger seen in the lobby, fill the children's activity area with childishness and authenticity, and guide the children to grow up step by step in reading as a habit. Accompanied by a natural and peaceful fragrance, passing through a halo installation with Chengdu regional characteristics; in front of you is the sunset that the designer keeps in the entrance lobby, no matter when you return home, the front is gentle and bright.

Shanghai weishi Architectural Design Co., Ltd.