Xiamen International Trade Xueyuan – Marketing Center

by Mansi Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Xiamen International Trade Studies is originally located in the core area of ​​Xiang'an administrative culture and education, based on humanities and ingenuity as the core, aspiring humanistic values ​​to the high ground of Xiamen's education. In this case, Mansi MANS takes "Monument Valley" as its design inspiration. From space experience planning to design, the design team tried to create an artistic and childlike reading world from the original study of Guomao. The field is expressed through the integration of polysemous functions such as the real estate sales center, future community library, children's play center, brand experience, etc., for the new generation to meet different needs in aesthetic education and reading, which provides the possibility of free switching and parallel symbiosis of use scenarios sex. In terms of the overall expression of the space, Mans uses "books" as the design language. Under the large glass curtain wall, the light during the day and the rustic texture of the space selection give people a bright and transparent visual impression. At night, the lights transition naturally in different areas of the space, spilling out through the glass curtain wall. From a distance, it seems to light up a cultural beacon in a corner of the city. Stepping into the front hall is presented in the cartoon style of "Monument Valley-2", creating a childlike atmosphere for the overall space. The original intention of International Trade Studies is to accompany the growth of the community, and the Mansi design team hopes to add a concrete spiritual corner for it, interspersed in various scenes in different forms of display in different "space guardian" roles, connecting the entire story line. Leave memories for children.

Mansi Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.