Wuhu Vanke Jiangdong Mansion courtyard

by Lanshe Interior Design

Projet Description

Vanke Jiangdong Mansion deeply understands the cultural texture of Wuhu city and creates works that conform to Jiangcheng's historical culture and natural atmosphere. The concise and concise modern resort style beautiful villa echoes the Haohao River beautifully, aiming to create an elegant humanistic scenery on the river bank. Following the aqua, light and shadow, a luxurious and secluded Morandi space with a stylish background is created in Wuhu. Abandon the complicated additional decoration, focus on the space atmosphere, let the light and shadow and the quality of the brilliance blend, quietly talk with space, time, objects and yourself. Let the journey home be like a unique journey of discovery... Stepping into the aisle, his sight seemed to be washed, ready to meet the bright light of Liu An. The bronze sculpture said to you in the Yingbin guide, please take a big step, follow the smooth marble flying in the clouds, leap forward with joy, and go home with a vision of expectation.

Lanshe Interior Design