Wuhu Law Firm Office

by Tang Jindao

Projet Description

This case is an office space design case of a law firm in the CBD office building in Wuhu, Anhui. The project is located in the Shimao office building in Binjiang, Jinghu District, Wuhu, Anhui. Our design team designs comprehensive, international and leading professional services for law firms according to the various needs of the client for the space. The new Wuhu Law Firm office breaks the traditional and conventional image of the firm. Through architectural planning, our design team has designed the lobby area open to guests, and you can see a spectacular view of the landmark city landscape. A clean and neat office lobby space will give customers a stronger sense of belonging and security. The office space design of the new office starts from the three aspects of business development, customer experience and employee experience. It breaks through traditions that not only fully respects the professional and rigorous appearance of service-oriented enterprises, but also reflects the enterprising and forward-looking spirit of law firms. The modern style is designed for public The area has laid the tone of dynamic, energetic and elegant. In the office design, an office space with an oriental artistic conception and modern quality is used. The design without the main light presents the practical function and visual beauty of the space.

Tang Jindao