Wellington [Mountain has wood]

by Huang Zhenjiang

Projet Description

Sister Qiao’s house is a well-decorated residence. The first impression is that the quality of the hardcover is very high, the materials used are very high-end, and some of the equipment is very advanced in those years. However, the uniformity of the hardcover room and the unreasonable design of the use function will greatly reduce the comfort of the occupants. So I decided to completely subvert the original room type and decoration style! The original apartment type is the so-called three-bedroom and two-bathroom type, but one bedroom and one bathroom is a tasteless one, which can't carry its due role at all. So I planned the three rooms and two bathrooms into a comfortable two rooms and one bathroom. After planning, the storage, comfort, and privacy of the primary and secondary bedrooms are enhanced; the internal functions of the bathroom are clearly divided, and the dry and wet functions are separated; the public space makes the best use of the depth of the house, so that all circulation lines are smooth, and all spaces are also Harmony.

Huang Zhenjiang