F. House

by Chen Yishuang

Projet Description

This is a 166-square-meter duplex private residential project located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. The owner is a married man and a freelancer with 2 lovely daughters. It has clear requirements for the quality of life and pays attention to organization. The design style is pure, delicate, and highly rational lines make the space extremely elegant and clean. The blank space is the endless art and intention, which embraces the philosophical interest of Tibetan life. The simple and capable lines balance the order of light and shadow while creating a pure, peaceful and poetic living environment. The complex colors and strong sense of form are faded, and the space is given a variety of creativity to make the space a narrator. The warm wood adds a sense of intimacy and connection. The delicate texture and the light complement each other, and the orderly geometric composition interweaves a sense of nature with a deep rhythm. Partially add arc-shaped curves to extend the visual depth experience of spatial flow. Construct an imaginary kingdom.

Chen Yishuang