Guangming houdelhi home decoration

by Jiu Men Tang (Shenzhen) International Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The designer of this case completes the integration of space and life with clean and concise design strokes and clear lines with a sober and restrained attitude, conveying the beautiful vision of art and life in harmony. The living room abandons the traditional main light design, and uses the embedded downlight + magnetic track light to create a sense of family atmosphere. The intelligent control meets the easy switching of different scenes such as office, leisure, and entertainment. The modern new Chinese-style grille sliding door, as the texture of the space, can be regular, changeable, disorderly and orderly, exuding agile temperament, as the functional distinction between the living room and the study, both aesthetics and function.

Jiu Men Tang (Shenzhen) International Design Co., Ltd.