Water shadow

by Li Min

Projet Description

When the post-industrial style is overwhelming, minimalism can give people a sense of purity and connotation. In the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no competition in the world, but it has its own personality, simple but not dysfunctional. Make full use of the soft lines in the space, hoping to give the most relaxing and comfortable feeling, without catering to but with temperature. Since the interior is a straight and long space, white is used to pave the clean tone, which visually achieves the effect of space expansion. Changhong glass products are used as partitions in the hallway to set off a sculptural posture and become a striking visual endpoint of the space. In the overall design, it emphasizes the integration of natural elements such as the sparkling water and the silky softness of the hair, providing a leisurely and relaxing love mirror and an elegant space of the times. The material is based on a large area of beige material as the background; glass, stainless steel, artistic paint, different materials are integrated in the space, and different mechanisms form a rhythmic sense of rhythm; the use of colors improves the recognizability of the route , And emphasizes the shape itself and the interspersed and contrast between the shape and the shape.

Li Min