Lens processing center of optometry center of Tianjin Eye Hospital

by Guangzhou Chengyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

In recent years, the industrial boom has spread all over the world. The mystery, personality, tide, and coolness of industrial style...make the design theme colorful. The design main body of the processing center is inked on cold tone, industrial style and texture. The lens processing center has both a sense of technology and a modern design charm. Minimalist, rustic and technical features, the interior is light gray and black in high-cool colors, natural walls, simple and elegant ceilings, with colors and elements, with a cool industrial atmosphere. (1) A large area of black and white The overall basic colors of the interior are mainly black, white, and gray, and the cool colors create a male, calm and rational texture. (2) Retro wall lamp wrought iron retro lamp is harmoniously integrated with warm light. A black-and-white block overlooking mural is hung upside down in the corridor ceiling. Living elements such as houses, plants, and cars add a touch of human touch to the cold industrial style, making the whole walkway unique. element.

Guangzhou Chengyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.