Jinmao zhongliang linjiang Uptown


Projet Description

This project started with the natural features of the sea surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on both sides to build a residence with emotional belonging and cultural identity-Jinmao Zhongliang•Linjiang Uptown. At the beginning of the design, we were thinking about how to use local geography and humanities in this cultural capital with a strong history to create a water town with humanistic meaning to provide people with a feeling of belonging to the scenery and provide emotional belonging and cultural identity. Space has become the starting point for thinking about this design. Extracting "mountain" and "sea" from the culture of water villages as the design theme, through concise and modern design language, the mountain and sea culture is integrated into the modern, so that people can feel the nature more intuitively and blend with the nature. The sandpan area uses the color of the sea and the lines of the landscape texture to form a hollow background, integrating the unruly rough elements of landscape culture into the design language. The first and second floors of the sales office are divided into a marketing negotiation area and a visit and experience area. The sunken reading ladder connects completely different functional areas, breaking the relationship between the upper and lower levels and expanding the circulation of the space. Designers in the negotiation area added a variety of elements of form and form to explore the relationship between humanity and nature, reflecting on scenery and nurturing people through culture, transforming and reshaping natural landscapes and cultural customs. In the design, the blue elements exactly echo the water in the sea, the rocky lines, and the texture combined into the shape of a mountain. Humanity and geographical environment have long been a part of water and soil, and regional culture and characteristics have also become the source of designer design.