Villa in Haidian District

by Xie Fangyong

Projet Description

Before the start of the project, we and the owner repeatedly examined all the design details. After several months of conception and preparation, we carefully selected and purchased raw materials of different materials. Touching wood will give people a natural and gentle feeling. When a family walks barefoot on the wooden floor, accompanied by this natural material, and carefully cares for and follows its gradual aging, there is a shallow sense of happiness. The family was sitting around the fireplace, the children were talking new things, the old man was telling stories from the past, the traces left by the use of wood. It is a kind of living material, which changes with the change of seasons. It is both traditional and innovative, and the entire space becomes warm and comfortable with a minimalist richness. The deep feelings and memories of the family are also hidden here, telling the touching stories between them.

Xie Fangyong