Shenzhen Guanhu Garden Villa

by Jiu Men Tang (Shenzhen) International Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

This project integrates natural and Chinese elements as a whole to create a villa space full of oriental charm. The interior is mainly made of smooth marble to create a high-end and atmospheric indoor environment. At the same time, the warm wood veneer is used to create a comfortable and warm home atmosphere. The master bedroom uses the combination of wooden floor and wall covering to make the bedroom more warm and simple with texture. The design of the girl's room uses sweet pink to create a dreamy and romantic princess room. In the study, the Chinese background wall combined with the super storage function is in line with the concept of the new Chinese simple study. One table, one chair, one lamp and one tea, there is a place for daily contemplation and enlightenment. The lingering of light and shadow, the collision of materials, and the matching of colors unfold the gentle oriental charm, spanning time and flourishing for thousands of years.

Jiu Men Tang (Shenzhen) International Design Co., Ltd.