A cup of tea, a roll of books

by Shen Lei

Projet Description

The Neuschwanstein Castle series is the most influential mansion under the OCT. The project is located near the water and is accompanied by two inner lakes-Yanqi Lake and Swan Lake. It is selected between the large oasis of the city's prosperous center. Living in the city’s green lungs overlooking Shenzhen, this is the attitude of the owners towards life. It is also a space concept that designers want to pursue. The overall space is clear and spacious, and the layout inherits the oriental central and neat layout, but the relationships are all open. It not only inherits the order of the millennium, but also adopts a free and flexible attitude, describing the life model of modern living space. From the entrance to the private elevator hall, when stepping into the room, a plum blossom embryonic foyer greets you, highlighting the taste and sense of ceremony of the luxurious residence. When entering the room, the three spaces of living room, dining room, and tea room are integrated by one-step-one-scene technique, and a sense of spatial hierarchy is increased by cleverly dividing the space with Chinese grate screens. The TV background of the living room uses the landscape jade as the finishing touch and the Chinese screen to complement each other, and it also echoes the ink carpet. The furniture adopts the Italian imported brand giorgetti, and the natural and elegant design quality is just right to blend Eastern aesthetics and Western life concepts, making the entire space like an elegant ink painting.

Shen Lei