UQ Quanzhou Store

by Fujian Tianyi Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

"UQ" Tianan Xiangtai's new store in Quanzhou, a Spanish risotto restaurant. The overall interior space does not have cumbersome lines and jumpy decorations. The color matching is mainly "red". Through ingenious display and placement, it tirelessly expands infinite possibilities and creates a warm Spanish atmosphere, as if it were The specific expression of taste. In terms of appearance design, there are three positions that correspond to the name. Using the ceiling design, the entire space presents an inverted "U" shape. The decks on both sides are divided into half a "U" shape. The upper circular box and toilet are on the plan. The word "Q" is formed. Addition has always been the easiest, but subtraction is the most difficult. It removes impetuousness and keeps the original heart. The design is simple but still retains the charm, just like life is simple, but Happy at ease.

Fujian Tianyi Design Co., Ltd.

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