Unit 110 of Wuxi Ruishi Taihu Garden

by Tina Wong

Projet Description

The keynote of the interior design is light luxury style. The hard decoration color is mainly composed of calm gray, and the large-area fabric hard bag and wallpaper highlight the overall low-key and elegant temperament. The flowing water texture marble of the TV wall and the wood color of the whole house add decoration and affinity. The rose gold metal lines are used as the dividing line of the material and the decoration of the ceiling, adding exquisite design details. The color of the soft decoration continues the gray-white tone of the overall design, and orange is used as the color embellishment on the furniture part, which increases the jumpiness and fashion sense of the overall color. In order to better maintain the overall sense of fine details in the interior, the soft furnishings, lamps, and artistic decorations also use metal elements, which are integrated with the original design to make customers shine, with exquisite details.

Tina Wong