Model room B of GANGLONG ziyuhuating project


Projet Description

A brilliant space can always leave a deep impression on mankind. The reason why people desire to live in peace is because the living space satisfies the psychological needs of human beings for safety and warmth. The apartment type is based on the pleasant, gentle and tough music film "City of Philharmonic" as the theme, creating a spiritual utopia for people who are mature, calm, hope to live a peaceful and meaningful life, and pursue natural and artistic lifestyles. If you want to ask what makes a space full of poetry, it must be light. The sun is all over the city, and the room is full of brilliance. As long as there is light, the unsatisfactory life will be dispelled. The living room uses natural light to open a gentle filter for the space. Stone, metal, fabric, beige, light gray, brown and red, all materials, all colors, and all lines are enveloped in a warm and lovely atmosphere. The leather is exquisite, the metal is exquisite, and the scattered lighting is like a popular and lively Hakka folk song. The restaurant is such a rhythmic space. Three meals at four o'clock, three meals at four o'clock, and crude rice, each has its own taste. Tasting food is like savoring life. You need to sit down and feel attentively.