Suzhou Zhonghai Taihu City Sales Office

by Shanghai Binzhan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The prototype of the design task of this case is to create a popular children's theme sales office. With the deepening of design thinking, the designer found that such expression and presentation are too superficial. So starting from the outline of the sketch, the designer opened a real door to fairy tale dreams not only for the children, but also for every adult who has buried the childlike innocence deep in his heart. Designers first start with sketches and illustrations to find space inspiration, while satisfying the necessary marketing needs, they put a "childlike heart" into everyone's heart. As the sketches continue to deepen, the initial concept of "block" has gradually evolved into a "castle". In this wonderful castle full of candy bubbles, designers have created different space themes to express their understanding of space and color. , Injecting fresh soul and vitality into the entire space.

Shanghai Binzhan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.