by Zhang Jinwei

Projet Description

The simple space design creates a sense of spatial order and comfort, and the overall harmonious space function enhances the elegant and luxurious life experience. The clean lines are outlined in black, white and gray, awakening people's yearning for life, giving the space calm and restrainedness, and showing low-key luxury. Abandoning the complicated design, the dark display cabinet is embedded on the wood-colored wall, which makes the space more agile visually. With the soft-line furniture, it just moderates the relaxed atmosphere. The study room hidden behind the living room is an ideal place for spiritual storage. It is a small leisure area in the living room during the day and a private space for the owner at night. The design ingenuity is evident. The kitchen and dining room are free. The kitchen can be customized to open and close according to the use scene. The two spaces are connected to each other. Simple wooden cabinets, light-colored rock islands, and white leather dining chairs create a leisure, Comfortable atmosphere. The modern and fashionable marble steps leaps up, continuing a layer of elegance and luxury, and then embellishing the calm and low-key space in the space. The style of the master bedroom is simple and low-key. The wooden structure is used in large areas. The natural texture, warm feeling and artistic decorations seem to have reached a certain balance, simple atmosphere. The second floor bedroom retains a touch of playfulness and cuteness, supplemented by small objects embellished, showing the growth and freedom of the owners. Repeated design ingenuity, intriguing space collocation, the whole space is ubiquitously elegant and light luxury.

Zhang Jinwei