Tianjin yuanyang Wanhe Mansion Sales Office

by Lanshe Interior Design

Projet Description

In the sales office of Yuanyang Wanhe Mansion in Tianjin, we quoted one of the most famous collections of literati in Chinese cultural history, "Xiyuan Yajitu" as the conceptual counterpart of this case, and wanted to break through time and space to a modern " Picture of Xiyuan Elegant Collection. We put the four main spaces of the sales office: the entrance reception area, the sand table display area, the negotiation area and the visiting movement line according to their spatial characteristics with the poem of "Xiyuan Elegant Collection", painting, listening to rhymes, and tasting four These themes are used as spatial concepts. At the same time, it caters to the ocean-going cultural concept of "introducing, welcoming, accepting, ritual, waiting, observing, living", and undertakes the word "wait" corresponding to the sales office. The Song Dynasty prefers landscapes, and the light and graceful posture of black and white ink and wash expresses gentleness without losing power. We use ancient decorative screen elements as the main background of the space to weaken the irregular spatial movement, combined with decorative rivets in an abstract way to present the space scene surrounded by mountains, and hang on both sides with the silk curtains with landscape prints. Just like the poem: three feet of silk on the desk, spread out the paintings, one stroke into the cloud, one stroke hanging by the window.

Lanshe Interior Design