Chengdu Luxiao TOD Luming Jiutian Sales Department

by Duowei design

Projet Description

As the first public transportation-oriented comprehensive development demonstration project in Chengdu, the TOD Exhibition Center of Luxiao Station will demonstrate through multiple dimensions such as project positioning, planning and layout, transportation network, ecological environment, and scene creation that “rail transportation changes the urban pattern and TOD "Comprehensive development of the exclusive TOD concept of reshaping the concept of urban life". The TOD Exhibition Center of Luxiao Station has not only a large sand table, a vibrant office area, and a high-end business office area with a full view of the project, a sales function area, but also a cultural area that integrates cultural facilities such as exhibition halls, cultural centers, art galleries, etc. . A large number of matte materials are used, and the material selection is more modern. The space breaks the traditional design and splits the subway track elements, making the entire space full of subway culture and showing a sense of science and technology. The life concept of Chengdu's future rail city is presented in the design of the entire exhibition center.

Duowei design