Tianjin Hanzhang Yazhu sales center

by Tianjin Jinshi Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Tianjin Hanzhang Yazhu sales center is an elegant residential area with the theme of Tianjin New Chinese style. Tianjin Jinshi decoration design team draws materials from literati space and poetic context, takes the family of poetry and rites as the mirror of cultural values, so that the contemporary knowledgeable people can integrate nature and art, tradition and Modernity in the advanced life process, create a cultural space saturated with oriental charm through design language, return to the style of poetry and rites, and achieve the family of poetry and rites.
The creative inspiration of this case is inspired by the book. Different opening forms of the book reflect the shape of the top of each space, so as to achieve the designer's performance idea of each space. The atmosphere is free, but there is a main line that is always implemented - "Oriental literati". Under this theme, we deny "concrete thinking" and "re engraved thinking". What we all know is that we don't need "slogan" and "Idol", but the expression of "moistening things silently".
Therefore, in the thinking blueprint, hard core classics such as "four books and five classics" and "Zi Yue Shi Yun" were eliminated, but were integrated through Mr. Wang Yangming's "human CI Hua" as inspiration. In fact, the starting point is very simple. The perception of the overall project is the conflict expression of "human world" and "Ci Hua". In the market, Yazhu Tibetan peak is built.

Tianjin Jinshi Decoration Design Co., Ltd.