The cue

by Xinshe space design

Projet Description

The store is mainly based on the Brunch + bar model. The overall design style takes nature as the main baseline, and the large area of milk tea tones presents structural light and shadow. Use space to interpret a casual and detailed dialogue to give the derivative customers a sense of relaxation and comfort. Matte surface treatment, without excessive reflection, conveys calm beauty with texture and touch, exposed red wall tiles, tall, reverberating space, and a different kind of niche, creating a space that cannot be copied. Time, arc style The curve of the space sets off the color of wabi-sabi. The combination of elegance and imagination is just right. The old iron steel windows respond to the nostalgia for the old Shanghai. The color of the flowers shows the restaurant's unique romance in summer. The fusion of light and shadow creates a new space. Life makes people stop and forget. Let us follow the sunset to a date about summer.

Xinshe space design