He Niu Ju classic Cantonese restaurant

by Tang Jindao

Projet Description

This case is a classic Cantonese restaurant space design case in Heniuju. The design of the restaurant takes the natural landscape as the main line, and the masculinity of the stone is opposed to the femininity of the water, forming a strong contrast. Our design team used smooth decorative lines, like the rolling hills covering the land of Lingnan, and the terrazzo ceiling subverts the visual perception. In terms of material selection, water ripples are used to express the agile rhythm of water. Clouds and water stone streams are like heaven and earth, using contemporary art techniques and oriental aesthetics to deduce an artistic realm that integrates landscape and era. The banquet hall is an important part of the design of this project. In the banquet hall, we have made the functional partitions more humane and improved the dining environment of the restaurant. The overall space is elegant and elegant, with the ancient charm of the new Chinese style, and you can enjoy the beauty of Chinese style to your heart's content. Our design team has experienced in the design details of the dining space. The large private room can accommodate 20 people in the dining room, allowing diners to enjoy the undisturbed time for dinner.

Tang Jindao