Chen Duck Intestine Old Hot Pot (Guiyang Branch)

by Jiang Bo

Projet Description

The Chen Duck Intestines Intangible Heritage Skills Hot Pot Experience Hall, how to express the smoke and fire in the market, and at the same time express the sense of quality pursued by the Chen Duck Intestine brand, this is the designer's biggest challenge when receiving this project. So I began to look through various materials, look up the graphic memory of old Chongqing life scenes, recall the relationship between the street and roadside places created by the old hot pot, and gradually build a sense of the old hot pot place in my heart, which requires noisy, rural, and local culture. . . , So we began to create the architectural spatial relationship of the old Chongqing on the facade, respect the architectural texture of the traditional houses in Eastern Sichuan, the use of gables and eaves, and increase the relationship between many doors, windows, stalls, and pavements. From the old photos, we can see many of the old Chongqing neighborhoods. We screened out the billboards, light box cards, handwritings, etc., and the door plaque was used as our expression carrier throughout the entire space. "Hongen Temple Park" and "Hongyadong Ice Powder", inject the culture, attitude towards hot pot and cultural attributes that the brand wants to export, and the warm lanterns increase the sense of flow in the active line of the space and bring in The most important thing is the brand’s iconic color. The use of Hermes orange, from the entrance, stairwell, to the top surface of the island, to the edge of the card seat, to the echo of the color of the service cabinet door, etc., in each space The application makes the whole space not only has the contemporary character of the national trend, but also has the fashionable character that the brand wants to express.

Jiang Bo