Thai healing Spa

by Mou Dong

Projet Description

The client hopes to create a more comfortable and warm SPA space, so that the client can truly enjoy the lingering and forgetting, and with memory points, net celebrities check in, the site is an irregular street shop, the use of space, water, etc. have certain aspects The problem is that outdoor noise and privacy are also problems. Life originates from water and has been nourished for hundreds of millions of years. The respect for Chuanhe is the respect for life, to meet people's needs to find inner relaxation and pleasure, enjoy the passage of time, and experience an extraordinary SPA experience journey . Surround the entire space with water, and travel through the space with the movement of the island. In the eastern aesthetic culture, the Zen realm endowed with aesthetic poetic characteristics, and pursued the beauty of rhyme. The main elements of water, wood, and stone are integrated, and the space is redefined in a deconstructed form, showing a different visual experience in the originally small space, visual extension, scene interaction, space interspersed, moving lines blend... …A sculpture sleeping deep in the water at the door serves as the starting point for the entire space. It is like a sleepwalking god to enjoy it. It follows the guide of the water to the leisure area, and then the outdoor water is gurgling, the leaves are mottled in the hidden environment, the wind chimes are swaying, and the fish The sound of frolicking...gathered here, adding a different feeling to the next SPA trip, creating a hidden place floating on the water.

Mou Dong