Tangshan Fengdan residence Sales Office Project

by Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Fengdan residence is a work from the heart of the hero Tangshan presented by CNOOC real estate. It is the first project of CNOOC engineering in Tangshan. The target group has more extensive experience and knowledge, pursues details and taste, and has strict requirements for comfortable and noble living experience.
The marketing center is a typical French architecture. The interior design perfectly continues the language of French architecture in terms of functional order and construction of scenes-axis symmetry, elegance and dignity, and grandeur. The beginning of the project is the analysis of the building and the site. The building itself is L-shaped, with three floors and an underground courtyard. The first floor is the marketing center, and the second floor is the book bar, tea room, private banquet hall and staff office. The first floor is the community club, with a fitness center and a large children's activity center, which are arranged in a courtyard loop.

Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.