Green city • Wuhan Chengyuan life Museum

by Xixiang Xisheng Design

Projet Description

The spatial plane layout is square, shaped like a corridor, conforms to the terrain, embraces the green, and is freely divided while connecting the landscape. The overall space extracts dynamic elements from the sequence structure, modern technology and tenon and tenon structure, and integrates the architectural connotation of natural freehand brushwork. Combined with the geographical and cultural characteristics of the local "Millennium ancient county" and "Kyushu thoroughfare", the designer absorbs the regional characteristics of Mulan mountain in Huangpi, Wuhan, and extends the form and color of azalea, which is fully used in the aesthetic Museum, It echoes with the streamline momentum of hard fitting design. Create an aesthetic experience hall for the dialogue between modern architecture and natural environment.

Xixiang Xisheng Design