Taizhou Zhonghai 142 unit model room

by Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

In the Northern Song Dynasty Ouyangxiu's "Yulouchun" poem, "Life is infatuated, and this hatred is not related to the wind and the moon." The artistic conception we want to express in this design is "it has nothing to do with Fengyue, but about you", that is, through the fusion and collision of traditional and modern elements, it implies that the space owner's life is harmonious, and the love is in my generation. Good interior design must not only consider people's actual needs, but also take into account people's psychological feelings. Under the premise of considering practicality, this design incorporates natural elements and traditional Chinese cultural elements into the design, so that people can get aesthetic enjoyment while recuperating by moisturizing things silently. In this project, we got inspiration from the ink-splashing technique of traditional Chinese ink painting. The ink-splashing technique was drawn on the silk wall covering, and then installed on the ceiling of the living room, making people feel like being in an ink painting. The color matching mainly uses black and white gray tones, which echoes the color matching of traditional Chinese ink paintings. The overall design is low-key and unconventional, which implies the implicit and introverted aesthetics of traditional culture.

Shanghai Tuozhen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.