Taiyuan Vanke Jade Dongdi Model Room

by Good life design

Projet Description

The design of Taiyuan Vanke Jade Dongdi was inspired by Klein Blue. The creator Klein learned to sail because of his deep fascination with blue—"Blue represents the sky, water and air, depth and infinity, It is freedom and life. Blue is the most essential color of the universe.” Because its color ratio is also called absolute blue, it is like the purest force in the universe, which is irresistible. The space inspiration this time comes from this minimalism that transcends the traditional form, allowing the initial power of life to be released to the maximum in the space. The large-scale gray-white layout, with concise and advanced lines, and the spatial stacking of the background space make the space return to purity. , Interspersed with colorful stools during the period, let the living room hide the dream of the sky.

Good life design